A party platform is a series of commitments and intended plans presented to voters during an election.  Below is a breakdown of the commitments of each of the five national parties directly addressing disability issues.  Check back regularly, as platforms are often augmented during the election through leaders’ press conferences and specific issues that are addressed.

We encourage you to visit each of the official party websites to read and learn more about each of these commitments and any background materials that may accompany them.

Disclaimer:  Warren’s World is provided for advocacy and information purposes by Ontario March of Dimes.  This website in no way endorses the views or opinions of any candidate or political party, and remains absolutely non-partisan.  Information is provided for discussion purposes only.

Not sure who to vote for on disability issues during the 2006 Federal Election?  Who’s promoting accessibility and how?  Compare the platforms of the Conservatives, Liberals, NDP,Bloc and Green parties.

Conservative Party of Canada


Will introduce a National Disability Act that would provide provisions for reasonable access to employment, and promote access to medical care, equipment, education, employment, transportation and housing for Canadians with disabilities

Provide a 16% federal tax credit on transit passes on buses, light rail and subways as well as accessible transit services

Green Party of Canada


Expand the child tax benefits and credits

Introduce a Canadians with Disabilities Act

Liberal Party of Canada


Increase the amount for medical and disability-related expenses a family caregiver can claim up to $10,000

Increase the Child Disability Benefit to $2,000 per child

Broaden the EI Compassionate Care Benefit to other family members

Increase the current Caregiver Tax Credit by a further 50% to $15,000

Create a new Community Care-giving Canada Program

Create a Registered Disabilities Savings Plan (RDSP)

Invest $150 million over 5 years for employment assistance programs for people with disabilities

Invest $50 million over 5 years to extend the Disability Tax Credit

Invest $65 million over 5 years to increase the refundable medical expense supplement to $1,000 per year

Invest $135 million to improve access to postsecondary facilities

Create a Mortgage Equity Access Now for Seniors to provide reverse mortgages through the CMHC

Invest $50 million to expand the New Horizons for Seniors initiative to further active community participation of seniors

New Democratic Party


Create a Canadians with Disabilities Act

Launch a national not-for-profit home care program for those caring for elderly or disabled relatives

Make the disability tax credit and medical expenses tax credit fully refundable

Expand the Special Opportunities Grant Program to recognize the costs associated with having a disability for training, postsecondary education and job opportunities

Bloc Quebecois


Note: Bloc Quebecois policies are framed around the objective of making Quebec a sovereign nation responsible for all matters currently shared/administered by the federal and provincial governments.

* Allocate $2 billion of federal spending per year to social/affordable housing
* Change the tax system to redirect existing federal monies toward funding social program

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