The Warren's World Parliament Hill Team Back: Bob Burrows, Neil Prime-Coote, Oliver Ramaker, Steven Christianson Front: Parliament Caterer, Helen Gurlesky, Parliament Caterer, Kirsten Calis, Andria Spindel, Stephane Abbat, Warren Rupnarain.
Warren and Senator Sharon Carstairs (Manitoba)

On April 4, 2006, the Honourable Senator David P. Smith hosted Parliament's Ultimate Celebration of Accessibility - a reception in Parliament's East Block that celebrated and raised awareness of Accessibility as well as honour the work, programs and services of March of Dimes - most notably, Warren's World.

All photos by Neil Prime-Coote 4npc

Warren, Senator Lorna Milne (Brampton), Andria
Warren greeting Senator Mira Spivak (Manitoba)
Oliver Ramaker, Steven Christianson, Andria Spindel, Hon. Senator David Smith, Bob Burrows
A Thumbs Up for Barbara Plant Reynolds and Senator David Smith - both key figures on the Obstacles report committee
Senator Ross Fitzpatrick (Okanagan-Silkameen), Senator Smith (Toronto)
Warren, Herb Davis (Senior Advisor to Senator Consiglio Di Ninno) and Andria Spindel
Warren, Derek Lee, MP (Scarborough Rouge River)
Hon. John Godfrey, MP (Don Valley East, Warren and Andria Spindel
Warren, Yasmin Ratansi, MP (Don Valley West)
Hon. Ken Dryden, MP (York Centre), Warren and Andria
Senator Smith discussing Obstacles
Senator Smith reflects on the 25th Anniversary of the 1981 UN Year of the Disabled Person
Senator Smith talking about the Obstacles Parliamentary Committee
Senator Smith and Andria
Senator Smith thanking Andria for the Warren's World jacket
Stephane Abbat, Andria Spindel and Warren
Warren and Oliver Ramaker
Senator Consiglio Di Ninno (Ontario), Senator Smith, Warren.
Senator Smith, Hon. Belinda Stronach (Newmarket Aurora), and Warren
Warren and Senator Marcel Prud-homme
Warren and Newfoundland MP Fabian Manning (Avalon)
Obstacles' very own Barbara Plant Reynolds and Warren in Parliament's Centre Block
Andria Spindel, Hon. Peter Mackay, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Helen Gurlesky
Senator Marjory Lebreton (Ontario), Leader of the Government in the Senate, and Warren
Oliver Ramaker of Liberty Motors at the Senate Chamber
Stephane Abbat, Andria Spindel and Warren
Warren and Bob Burrows
Liberty Motors' Oliver Ramaker and Warren
Warren after receiving the Commemorative Necktie with Herb Davis (Senior Advisor to Senator Consiglio Di Ninno)
Warren greeting Labrador MP Todd Russell and Herb Davis
Stephane Abbat, Bob Burrows and Warren ready for another day of meetings
Warren and Ryerson University President, Sheldon Levy
Warren, Herb Davis and Don Bell, MP (North Vancouver)
Warren and Ryerson University President, Sheldon Levy
Warren and Ryerson University President, Sheldon Levy and Andria Spindel
Senator Tommy Banks (Edmonton) and Warren
Andria Spindel, Sheldon Levy Senator Tommy Banks (Edmonton)
Warren and Senator Smith
Nova Scotia MP Pete Stoffer thanking Warren for the work of Warren's World
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