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Liberal Candidate - Jim Peterson - Willowdale

"This is a really good project" Alasdair Robertson, Jim Peterson's Campaign Manager referring to Warren's World and its initiative.

"We would support a federal Canadians with Disabilities act" referring to both himself, and Jim Peterson
"Jovan would support a federal Canadians with Disabilities Act" - JT Boseovski, Jon Boseovski's Campaign Manager
Conservative Candidate - Jovan Boseovski - Willowdale

"Accessibility was an issue with picking this site" Reno Zankl, Riding Executive


Liberal Incumbent Jim Peterson
Conservative Candidate Jovan Boseovski
NDP Candidate Rochelle Carnegie

Jim Peterson's office on Yonge Street is 100% fully accessible. Campaign Manager Alasdair Robertson demonstrated commitment, knowledge, sensitivity and awareness of disability issues, and confirmed that he, his stafff and Jim Peterson fully support a Canadians with Disabilities Act. Anyone, with virtually any disability, could fully participate in this campaign office. This office was also the first to proudly display the March of Dimes Seal of Approval by Warren's World on the front door.
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The campaign office of Jovan Boseovski is located on Willowdale Avenue. Campaign Official Reno Zankl explained that the office space was chosen in part for its accessibility features -- for people with disabilities, for seniors, and anyone with accommodation needs. Campaign Manager JT confirmed that conservative candidate Jovan fully supports the enactment of national disability legislation with a designated Cabinet Minister.
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The office of Rochelle Carnegie is located on Finch Avenue East. The office is not wheelchair acessible from the front entrance, however there is a fully accessible entrance through the rear of the building. Both Rochelle and her Campaign Manger, Dennis, demonstrate a hightened degree of sensitivity to disability issues, and fully promote a Canadians with Disabilities Act.

"The March of Dimes Warren's World visit to this office has been among the most impactful and meaningful...please keep up this work of yours. Rochelle Carnegie (NDP)

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