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Invite your contact list to visit Warren’s World and help promote Accessibility from coast to coast.

"A national disability act is an integral part of our platform, which I wholeheartedly support," Peter Kent (Conservative Candidate).

"The work that Warren's World is doing is fantastic! I am a huge supporter of the March of Dimes. What a wonderful and important initiative you are doing." Peter Kent (Conservative).

When searching for campaign office space we insisted that our location be wheelchair accessible. It's part of our lease. Campaign Manager for Peter Kent (Conservative Candidate).
"Your work is inspirational to all Canadians." Peter Kent (Conservative)
St. Paul's (photos Neil Prime-Coote 4npc)
NDP Candidate - Paul Summerville - St. Paul's

Warren is pleased to announce that the office of Paul Summerville, NDP Candidate, is wheelchair accessible from the front door.

"This is only the start. Thank you Warren's World." Peter Kent (Conservative)
"The perspective and inclusion of people with disabilities makes us what we are as Canadians." Carolyn Bennett (Liberal)
"It is important to not only consider national legislation like a Canadians with Disabilities Act, but to look at how such legislation will be enforced." Carolyn Bennet (Liberal)
Carolyn and Warren pleased with the applause of the Campaign Office staff
Another Warren's World Thumbs Up!
Campaign Manger for Paul Summerville, Chris Watson, explains that the Paul Summerville Campaign fully endorse national disability legislation.
Warren's World gives another Thumbs Up in St. Paul's.
St. Paul's

Want to vote for accessibility? St. Paul's is certainly a riding where the options are there.
If you are someone with a disability and want to participate in the any of the three election campaigns in this riding, you will be included. The election headquarters of all three candidates demonstrates a high level of commitment and awareness to achieving accessibility for Canadians with disabilities. All three offices are wheelchair accessible. Moreoever, both staff and candidates endorse national disability legislation, and possess an outstanding level of knowledge of their own track records and policy commitments on disability issues.
The office of Conservative Candidate Peter Kent is located on Eglinton Avenue West (near Avenue Road).
Thumbs Way Up!
Liberal Incumbent Carolyn Bennett's Campaign Headquarters is found on Bathurst Street, south of St. Clair.
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NDP Candidate Paul Summerville's campaign operations are also on Bathurst Street, just south of St. Clair.
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