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Trinity-Spadina (photos Neil Prime-Coote 4npc)
"Accessiblity was the primary issue is selecting this office space. March of Dimes, you are making a great impact with this effort." Campaign Official David Simpson, Sam Goldstein Campaign (Conservative)
"We have to ensure to see that the disabled have a seat at the Cabinet table." Tony Ianno (Liberal)
"All of our government's actions have been sensitive to Canadians with disabilities." Tony Ianno (Liberal)
"I know that all candidates experience difficulties in finding office space of any kind. But certainly one of our stipulations was and always wil be that it has to be accessible." Tony Ianno (Liberal)
Warren asking Tony about the motorized chair-lift system to access the Ianno Campaign Office. This was Warren's first time using such a system, but he's seen it on TV.
A Thumbs Up from the March of Dimes Advocacy Project, demonstrating that there is always a way.
The system for access used to Mr. Ianno's office proved to be a unique experience for Warren's World. The effort and dedication of the team was outstanding
"It is critical that every Canadian has the same rights and access." Olivia Chow (NDP)
"Showing commitment to these issue, not just in a platform - which we have, but also in action, shows real accessibility." Olivia Chow (NDP)
"You are probably campaigning as much or more than those of us running in this election." Olivia Chow (NDP)
The Olivia Chow office receives the Warren's World March of Dimes "Thumbs Up" for accessibility.
Trinity Spadina Wrap Up

The office of Conservative Candidate Sam Boldstein is located on King Street West, near Bathurst. This office is fully accessible. Campaign Official David Simpson spoke passionately about how accessibility was among this campaign's primary concerns in selecting office space. This office is highly sensitive to issues of access and disability issues as a whole, and is aware of the platform commitment for a National Disability Act.
Thumbs Up!

Liberal incumbent Tony Ianno's office is headquartered on Beverley Street. The office is not wheelchair accessible from the front entrance. However, there is an accessible motorized system at the side entrance. Tony and his entire team are highly sensitive to disability issues and have made painstaking efforts to ensure full inclusion in a unique way. The system worked (a motorized chair-lift system), and, with volunteer assistance and creative effort, the entire Warren's World crew was able to access and participate in this office. Tony changed his daily schedule at the last minute to give an interview with Warren, and he personally endorses federal legislation for Canadians with Disabilities.
Thumbs Way Up on uniquely creative effort -- not seen in this respect in any other office!.
Thumbs Up on access!

NDP Candidate Olivia Chow's office is on Bloor Street West in The Annex. This office is accessible, with a uniquely-coloured wheelchair ramp. Even on one of the busiest days of the campaign, staff demonstrated outstanding sensitivity to disability issues, ensuring that we speak directly to the candidate, and express support for a Canadians with Disabilities Act.
Thumbs Up on physical access! Thumbs Way Up on attitudinal access!

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