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York West (photos Neil Prime-Coote 4npc)
"Accessibility has been a big issue for me for the past 20 years of my political life." Judy Sgro (Liberal)
"Of course we would support it (a Canadians with Disabilities Act). I personally think it's long overdue." Judy Sgro (Liberal)
The office of York West NDP Candidate Dr. Sandra Romano Anthony is completely wheelchair inaccessible.
York West Wrap Up

NDP Candidate Dr. Sandra Romano Anthony is located on the second floor of an office unit just off Sheppard Avenue West. This office is not wheelchair accessible, with no alternative route. Campaign officials greeted the Warren's World crew at the bottom of the stairs to speak of why the office is inaccessible, and suggested that other locations in the industrial complex could be utilized for meetings with the candidate and people with disabilities not able to climb a flight of stairs. They promised to consider accessibility in future efforts.
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Liberal Incumbent Judy Sgro's office is also based on Sheppard Avenue West. This office is outstanding on physical accessibility and knowledge/sensitivity to disability issues. Judy was spoke passionately about achieving national disability legislation, and provide in-depth details about her government's commitments and track record on disability issues.
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