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Eglinton-Lawrence (photos Neil Prime-Coote 4npc)
"It is fantastic what you are doing to create more awareness. Congratulations March of Dimes!" Dora Usher, Campaign Official (Conservative)
Warren speaking with Liberal Incumbent Joe Volpe (who was at a riding function, but ensured to give Warren a 15 minute interview by phone). "I have been dedicated to advancing accessibility well before my years in public office, and this serves as a cornerstone of my commitment to full inclusion. Keep up the great work...this is a great initiative." Joe Volpe (Liberal)
"It is of the utmost importance that we ensure accessibility and inclusion - without question. " Dora Usher, Campaign Official (Conservative)
Eglinton Lawrence Wrap Up

The office of Conservative Candidate Peter Coy is located on Avenue Road. The office is wheelchair accessible. Campaign Official Dora Usher spoke with knowledge and passion about disability issues. Accessibility had been considered in selecting the space. This campaign fully supports national disability legislation, and personally supports further programs and services to help achieve full inclusion of people with disabilities.
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Liberal Incumbent Joe Volpe's office is located at the corner of Avenue Road and Lawrence. The physical space is not only wheelchair acccessible, but spacious and arranged so that anyone with virtually any disability could fully participate in this office. Entry into and out of this office was among the best and easiest in the entire experience of the crew. Joe was not in the office when we visited, and it did take several minutes before anyone greeted the crew. But Joe took the time to call personally (as did his Campaign Manager) to speak directly with the March of Dimes Warren's World crew. Warren's telephone interview with Joe concluded that Joe's personal initiative is to remove all barriers to the full inclusion and participation of people with any disability, and that his Party's platform reflects this personal commitment and passion. He spoke is great detail about disability programs, services and future legislative efforts, such as a Canadians with Disabilities Act.
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