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"I don't object to a Federal Disability Act, and perhaps a "carrot and stick" approach would be a good way to remove barriers at the municipal and provincial levels, for instance, if a barrier is not removed, access to funding for the municipalities or provinces would be denied" Derek Lee (Liberal)

"A good idea would be to go after the elections and see if the constituency offices are accessible as a possible focus" Derek Lee (Liberal)

"If elected I would address in parliament the need for a Canadian with Disabilities Act" Jerry Bance (Conservative)

"I believe that nothing should be opened if it is not accessible"
Jerry Bance (Conservative) referring to the needs for malls and restaurants to be fully accessible.
"If you hadn't have come by, I would never have thought of it" Derek Lee (Liberal) , referring to the accessibility of his campaign office
We would absolutley factor in issues of accessibility. We ddn't do it this time, but you have brought it to our attention that this is among the most important issues in moving forward. Congratulations Warren's World!
Mano Kanagamany
Scarborough-Rouge River (photos Neil Prime-Coote 4npc)
Scarborough Rouge River
Liberal incumbent Derek Lee
Conservative candidate Jerry Bance
Although there is an NDP candidate, no office location was found by the Warren's World team.

Derek Lee's office on Middlefield Road does not have an accessible front entrance or an accessible washroom. There is an accessible entrance through the rear of the building. Both Derek and his manager, Mano, were highly receptive to promoting accessibility in future campaigns, were eager to engage in meaningful dialogue with Warren's World, and are committed to supporting national disability legislation.
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The office of conservative candidate Jerry Bance on Markham Road is fully accessible, complete with automatic doors and wheelchair-accessible washrooms. Jerry Bance supports a national CDA and feels that no business should be allowed to operate unless that business can accommodate people with disabilities.
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