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Scarborough Centre (photos Neil Prime-Coote 4npc)
"We are sorry that this ofice cannot accommodate wheelchairs. Our goal would be to make sure access is part of future efforts." Mary Cannis, Campaign Manager for Liberal Incumbent John Cannis.
Scarborough Centre Wrap Up

Liberal Incumbent John Cannis' office is located on Progress Avenue. Situated in the rear of an industrial complex, this office is not wheelchair accessible. There is no alernative route for accessibilty. There is limited possibility of getting a wheelchair close to the entrance of the office. No other suggestions or possibilities were offered by Campaign Manager Mary Cannis for participation of volunteers with disabilities. Discussion between Mary and the Warren's World crew had to be held near the front of the complex, away from the office. Mary did point out that Mr. Cannis fully supports national efforts to strengthen disability policy, and that future campaigns would include accessibility as a central concern. Despite this positive and encouraging approach in her commitment to future efforts (which we applaud), it was evident to the Warren's World crew that accessibility had not been factored into the choice, design or communication of office space for this campaign.
Thumbs Down!

Conservative Candidate Roxanne James' office is an office that is fully wheelchair accessible -- including accessible washrooms. The Campaign Manager spoke with knowledge about the platform commitment to enact national disability legislation. Moreover, she explained that accessibility had been a guiding factor in selecting this office. A highly aware, accommodating, supportive and committed office of staff and volunteers. This office demonstrates commitment in action.
Thumbs Way Up!

"Accessibility was central in choosing this space -- for seniors and disabled. It is very important to make sure everyone can participate." Campaign Manager for Conservative Candidate Roxanne James.
We have an accessible office. Warren gives the Thumbs Up in Scarborough Centre.

NPD candidate Dorothy Laxton does not have a public campaign office.

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