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Etobicoke-Lakeshore (photos Neil Prime-Coote 4npc)
CBC filming Warren, demonstrating the accessibility of Conservative Candidate John Capobianco's Campaign Office
The ever-friendly Andrew, Manager of John Capobianco's Election Campaign discusses the his organization's commitment to accessibility issues with Warren.
"Thank you for coming by and reminding us of why accessibility is something we can never take for granted. I think this is a great project of the March of Dimes, and thank you." Campaign Manager, John Capobianco Election Office
"This is wonderful work you are doing." Michael Ignatieff (Liberal)
"My chair is your chair," explains Warren to Michael Ignatieff (Liberal)
The Ignatieff Campaign receives a "thumbs up" from Warren's World.
"This is one of the most impressive and well-thought out advocacy efforts." Liam McHugh-Russell (NDP)
Another proud candidate displaying the seal of Accessibility.
Inclusion is a basic human right, and this should no longer be a back-burner issue Liam McHugh-Russell (NDP)
"You have certainly helped raise awareness even further about accessibility." Liam McHugh-Russell (NDP)
Etobicoke Lakeshore Wrap Up
This is another riding where the offices of all three party candidates are accessible, and where staff are both aware and sensitive to disability issues. Thank you to all for your support in helping build an inclusive Canada.

The office of NDP Candidate Liam McHugh-Russell is located on Lakeshore Boulevard, near Eight Street. The office is wheelchair accessible and easily accommodates volunteers and/or staff with disabilities. Both Liam and his staff demonstrate understanding, knowledge and sensitivity to issues around disability. Liam actively supports a Canadians with Disabilities Act, and connects the intent of such proposed legislation with existing human rights and the practicalities of barrier-free spaces.
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Conservative Candidate John Capobianco's Campaign office is situated on The Queensway near Kipling. The choice of location, in plaza fully equipped with wheelchair access and curb cuts, easily facilitates access into this office. Campaign staff readily express support and awareness of national disability legislation. The candidate was not in the office at the time of the Warren's World visit, but virtually everyone in this office could speak of why it is important to build an inclusive Canada from the ground up. Herein is one of the reasons why this office proved to be so impressive.
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Liberal Candidate Michael Ignatieff's Campaign Headquarters are also on The Queensway, near Kipling. A wheelchair ramp makes access into this office very easy. The entire office demonstrated a heightened awareness of disability issues and expressed support for national disability legislation. Michael went beyond merely supporting a Canadians with Disabilities Act, but spoke of possible policy linkages to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and discussed what components might create the basis of such legislation.
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