Building an Inclusive Canada

Want to Get Involved?

Invite your contact list to visit Warren’s World and help promote Accessibility from coast to coast.

York Centre (photos Neil Prime-Coote 4npc)
Liberal Incumbent Ken Dryden complimenting the Warren's World Crew "Team Canada" jerseys.
Warren and Ken looking at the accessible front entrance of the office.
"The charter is a foundation of our values of equality and inclusion, and it's from there that we are guided." Ken Dryden (Liberal)
Warren describing to Ken what specific measures might be included in a Canadians with Disabilities Act.
The office receiving the "Thumbs Up", both on policy commitment and accessibility.
Ken with Warren's World crew members that day of the visit. "Your initiative, and that of the Ontario March of Dimes, is truly meaningful. Great work." Ken Dryden (Liberal)
"These are issues that we fully believe in, as they represent a key part of our platform. We will certainly work towards full accessiblity in future campaigns." Campaign Official Erez Karp
The Conservative office of Michael Mostyn is not accessible, as reported by Warren.
The NDP Campaign office of York Centre Candidate Marco Iacampo is not wheelchair accessible.
Warren's World is a March of Dimes Advocacy Project

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