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Etobicoke North
Liberal Candidate - Roy Cullen - Etobicoke North

"I would be favourably disposed to a federal Canadians with disabilities act"

"I would like to see no more barriers"
Warren signs autographs Etobicoke North
Conservative Candidate - Armanjit Khroad - Etobicoke North

"Yes, I would support that" - referring to a federal Canadians with Disabilities Act

Etobicoke North
Liberal Incumbent Roy Cullen
Conservative Candidate Amanjit Khroad
No Public Office for NDP Candidate Ali Naqvi

The campaign office for Roy Cullen, located in Kipling Avenue, is fully accessible. Both Roy and campaign staff engaged in substantive policy dialogue around disability issues and the importance of national legislation and a Minister responsible for such issues. This office demonstrated knowledge about the prevention and elimination of barriers as well as their government's record on policies, services and programs to Canadians with disabilities.
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Amanjit Khroad, the conservatie candidate, bases his campaign operations from Humber College Boulevard. There is no accessible washroom. However, both staff and candidate were highly receptive to ensuring total accessibility in the future, and discussing various ways through which this objective could be furthered. The office itself is wheelchair accessible, with no obstacles whatsoever to full participation. Amanjit supports a national disability act, and left the hustings of door-to-door knocking to return to his campaign office to discuss accessibility with Warren's World.
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Warren's World is a March of Dimes Advocacy Project

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