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Don Valley East (photos Neil Prime-Coote 4npc)
"What you are doing is a great testament to the Mardh of Dimes, and for all people wih disabilities." Yasmin Ratansi (Liberal)
Yasmin and Warren's World crew having a laugh at Neil and Steven having tripped in the snow.
"Human rights and eqality represent why we do what we're doing. Enacting a Canadians with Disabilities Act is where our government needs to focus in the next Parliamenet." Yasmin Ratansi (Liberal)
Don Valley East
Daily Update

Liberal Incumbent Yasmin Ratansi
The office of Liberal incumbent Yasmin Ratansi on Victoria Park Avenue. This office is fully accessible, and all staff present (during the Warren's World visit) expressed hightened support for a Canadians with Disabilities Act. A highly aware and sensitive campaign office.
Thumbs Up!

NDP Candidate Richard Hennick
The office of Richard Hennick is shared with NDP candidate Rochelle Carndegie. This office is not wheelchair accessible at the front entrance. However, there is an alternative route through the rear of the building, complete with a ramp. Once inside the office, no problems were experienced in terms of physical accessibility. The Campaign Manager, speaking on behalf of Richard, is highly aware of disability issues and the party platform of achieving a Canadians with Disabilities Act.
Thumbs Up!

The crew of Warren's World could not find a public campaign office for Conservative Candidate Eugene McDermott.
Dennis is the Campaign Manger for Richard Hennick, who states that "The focus of our party has been inqualtiy...a Canadians with Disabilities Act is one of those components that lies are the heart of our campaign. Thumbs up from us, Warren's World and March of Dimes."
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