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Beaches East York (photos Neil Prime-Coote 4npc)
"The importance of a Canadians with Disabilities Act speaks to fundamental issues like human rights, equality and inclusion. Issues like this should not be debated, but acted upon." Constituency Manager, Marilyn Churley Campaign (NDP)
"Accessibility is something that has always near to my heart and an issue that I have pressed for in Parliament. I would introduce a Private Member's Bill to further this cause. Maria Minna (Liberal)
"What you are doing through the March of Dimes Warren's World project is fantastic. You're helping make the issues real to everyone." Maria Minna (Liberal)
"We have ensured that our office is fully accessible, including wheelchair accessible washrooms. Disability is something close to me and my family, and I would always make sure that our policies as a government reflect the importance of accessibility." Peter Conroy (Conservative)
Beaches East York Daily Wrap-Up

The office of NDP Candidate Marilyn Churley is located on Danforth Avenue. The office has a portable ramp for accessibility. The Constituency Manager spoke of Marilyn's work on provincial accessibility legislation and her personal commitment to achieving similar laws on the federal level. Campaign staff are senstive to disability issues and highly aware of platform commitment of the party.

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Liberal Incumbent Maria Minna's Campaign Office is also on Danforth Avenue. This office also has a portable ramp for accessibility. The entire office is encouraging and senstive to issues of disability, and suggested many ways to work collaboratively organizations like March of Dimes to promote Canada-wide accessibility legislation. Maria also spoke of her personal commitment to introduce a Private Member's Bill to help advance national disability legislation.

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Peter Conroy, the Conservative Candidate, bases his Campaign Headquarters on Main Street, just south of Gerrard Street. A portable ramp facilitates access in and out of the office. The office also advertises that such facilities are availabe. Both Peter and his campaign staff speak with knowledge about disability issues, and expressed absolute commitment to the passage of a National Disability Act.

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