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"We are firmly committed to pressing for a Canadians with Disabilities Act. This is an issue very dear and personal to me." Jack Layton, NDP Leader and Incumbent.
"This is a great initiative you are working on. The March of Dimes, you do wonderful work." Jack Layton (NDP)
"I want to thank you for coming by and reinforcing the issues. Keep up the great work, Warren's World!"
Both Warren and Jack agreeing that "Accessibility Rocks!"
"I've been a huge supporter of the March of Dimes. Thank you for your passion and your creative approach, Warren's World." Deborah Coyne (Liberal)
"Absolutely there should be a national disability act, centralizing and strengthening the leadership role of the national government." Deborah Coyne (Liberal)
"This is about equality and inclusion. We need the coordinating public policy mechanisms to advance this to the next step at the federal level." Deborah Coyne (Liberal), pictured with Warren and former broadcast journalist and current advisor to the Premier, Ben Chin.
Toronto Danforth


Jack Layton, NDP Leader and Incumbent

The campaign headquarters of NDP Incumbent and Leader Jack Layton are located on Danforth Avenue toward the east end of the riding. This office is wheelchair accessible, and staff demonstrate both sensitivity to and awareness of disability issues. This is particularly so on the point of a Canadians with Disabilities Act

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Deborah Coyne, Liberal Candidate

Liberal Candidate Deborah Coyne's election office is also on The Danforth, near Broadview Avenue. This office is fully accessible and facilitates both staff and volunteers with disabilities in the open/spacious environment. Campaign staff and volunteers express support for national disability legislation, and both Deborah and her office are highly sensitive to disability issues.

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The Conservative Candidate Kren Clausen does not have a public office.

Toronto Danforth (photos Neil Prime-Coote 4npc)
Warren's World is a March of Dimes Advocacy Project

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