Black Dog Pub Named Toronto's Champion of Accessibility
Wednesday, July 12, 2006
Ken Rueter, Owner of the Black Dog Pub & Warren of Warren's World at today's announcement.
Thank you, Ken, for your dedication to building a fully inclusive Canada.
Earlier today, at The Black Dog Pu
Reflecting On Toronto's Top 20
Jul 12, 2006
Well everyone, over the past three weeks we have visited roughly 90 sports bars/pubs, and yesterday we ventured to the Black Dog in West Rouge (the eastern-most limits of the city) to announce the top
Fionn MacCool's
Jul 7, 2006
We continue our tour of The Esplanade, moving toward Fionn MacCool's.  This is a very packed establishment on a summer Friday night, but getting in is certainly no problem whatsoever for the crew of W
Jack Astor's, The Queensway - Sherway
Jul 7, 2006
We departed Arizona's up by the airport and headed down Highway 427 to The Queensway (where Jack Astor's is reputed to be very accessible).  In fact, Jack Astor's (at least this location that we visit
Scotland Yard - The Esplanade
Jul 7, 2006
After driving for seemed to be hours (the traffic was grueling!), we made our way to The Esplanade, one of the oldest sections of Toronto.  It's past 7pm on a Friday, but the mission continues.  Scotl
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