Fionn MacCool's
We continue our tour of The Esplanade, moving toward Fionn MacCool's.  This is a very packed establishment on a summer Friday night, but getting in is certainly no problem whatsoever for the crew of Warren's World.  I explore the outside patio, while Neil and Steve approach the staff at the entrance.  The hostess immediately offers the following five words that were music to our ears: "let me get the ramp." In life, you sometimes experience the ups and downs, and this level of warmth almost brought tears to my eyes.  This was certainly an "up".  I felt like a customer that they wanted to have.  This demonstrated that Fionn MacCool's is very sensitive to accessibility and disability issues. Once you get inside, the establishment is spacious, has numerous televisions and an accessible washroom stall. What struck us most at MacCool's was the awareness of accessibility and the high caliber customer service (we didn't even ask about an accessible entrance).  And what a way to wrap up our 2006 World Cup Accessibility Challenge - on such a high note.  Stay tuned for our Top 20 most accessible Sports Bars, which we will announce on Monday.  And, whoever wins the final between Italy and France, remember the value of sport and the social interaction that it helps inspire.  
Jul 7, 2006