The Esplanade Bier Market - The Esplanade
We're finding that The Esplanade features perhaps more accessible establishments in one block than any other part of Toronto - this, despite the fact that this is one of Toronto's oldest neighbourhoods.  We enter the very upscale Bier Market.  The entire surface entering the establishment and throughout the interior is one level.  No dips, no rises, no obstacles whatsoever.  Wonderful!  The Bier Market is extremely spacious and laid out so that scooter and wheelchair movement is totally unimpeded.  There is a dedicated accessible washroom, large, clean and terrifically simple to move about.  Even the patio is fully wheelchair accessible.  If you're there to catch a game, you'll have no trouble seeing the action pretty well anywhere in the Bier Market.  The Bier Market is certainly among the best that we have experienced.
July 7, 2006